Denny’s Has A Food Truck

And people are pissed

#FoodieSpace is a space for Foodies and I would like to say that I love going to Denny’s every now & then for a stack of pancakes, but I am going to have to side with the little guy this time.

Back on June 12th, 2016, Denny’s (Puerto Rico) unveiled a new concept to most likely attract Millennials and hipsters from the San Juan area and around Puerto Rico. It isn’t surprising that a big chain restaurant would do this considering Burger King had done it years ago back in 2012.

Denny’s Puerto Rico/Facebook

Now, food truckers in Puerto Rico, especially an organization that promotes food trucks (Food Truck Republic), are mad because the local Puerto Rican government has let Denny’s to have the proper permits and “promoting unfair competition.” I may not quite agree that Denny’s & the local government are creating an unfair competition, but it does feel wrong that they would present themselves at a food truck activity where small food trucks with a lot less income are trying to make a living. Food truck Republic also says that:

“although these companies employ hundreds of people and may seem very beneficial, their profits leave out of the country faster than you can you can say ‘I want an extra large combo’”

I definitely understand Food Truck Republic’s stance and opinion, I may not agree 100%, but I do understand it. Food Trucks have hit a fever pitch over the past couple of months. The foodie community here in Puerto Rico has grown and will continue to grow exponentially fast. I feel like we could get to Miami’s level in the next 2–3 years if the trend does not die out.

Right now, Denny’s food truck is only available for private events and has a limited menu. Compared to other local and hard working food trucks that have a wide variety and continue to innovate in the foodie world. There is a guy that makes a burger with donut buns!

So in a nutshell, local food truckers don’t feel cool about a big chain like Denny’s that is publicly traded is trying to get foodies to come to them because they now have a food truck. I know that these food trucks can take them on and gain even more following because lets just say it. This Denny’s food truck was most likely made based on a quantitive market study (instead of a qualitative study) along with a small focus group to keep the marketing costs down. I give it 2 years tops before the truck goes down.

I still love eating at Denny’s and I will most likely go to the truck just to check it out, but other than that I will continue to support local food trucks and establishments.

You can read the rest of Food Truck Republic’s statement right here.

You can check out Denny’s “food truck” here.

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