#FoodieSpace’s Vision for The Next 2 Years

A vision for a bigger space for Foodies…

#FoodieSpace started back in January after not being able to find a job. I am currently studying Internet Marketing at Full Sail University and I wanted to use what I learned from school in the real world. So I started a food blog after months of my mother telling me to set one up.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do (and sometimes still don’t know), but I thought “If I am going to make a food blog, why not make it about food?” It sounds stupid, but it makes sense. A lot of food blogs around the interwebz don’t even talk about the food, the experience, or even the establishment they go to. I wanted to be different.

So after a lot of thinking, “BatFoodie” was made. I was going to combine my two favorite things: Batman & Food. I did some logos along with a lot of thinking of what the future might look like if it goes viral and if it will ever have a chance to become a real brand.

After thinking it through, I decided I wasn’t going to continue with the “BatFoodie” concept. I didn’t want to be known as “the food blog that has an unhealthy obsession with the greatest superhero of all time” blog. It didn’t have potential to become a real brand. One of the thoughts that I had was that I could have been sued by DC Comics or owe them a royalty because of the resemblance to the Batman concept.

Then came along “#FoodieSpace.” After thinking and researching different names and concepts, I realized that I was getting out of focus. All these concepts sounded great for a while, but I didn’t want a concept. I wanted something that has a great potential of becoming a trusted brand one day. So I put together the two most important things that a food blog needs: Foodies and Space. You may ask yourself, “Why space?” Well, I wanted to give a space for the Foodies, for the food, and for everyone. If anyone posts a picture of the burger they got at Wendy’s, use #FoodieSpace, and I really like the picture, I will share it (I will of course ask permission).


Once I had the concept down, I started posting. The first post was taken at the local Burger King. As you can see, it was just a regular burger with some fries and ketchup. #FoodieSpace started out very simple and its relatively still is, but it is still a work in progress. #FoodieSpace is being worked on by me and my two siblings that help with design and making some of the content that you see on a daily basis.

I have seen a lot of growth the past couple of weeks. That growth really got me to think again about where #FoodieSpace is heading and where should it be going. That is why I am displaying my vision for it publicly on the Medium platform.

There are two main things that #FoodieSpace has to do to get to results that we need. They are: Video Content and Writing Content.

Video Content:

I have a vision of doing more video content not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to Instagram’s new video runtime limit, there are new possibilities that we have tested in the past few weeks since it has been available. 15 seconds wasn’t enough for the content we had planned, but now with 1 minute video on Instagram, we will be able to bring you some cool content that will blow you away. The YouTube channel will be getting restructured in the coming days and will feature all the content that will be on Facebook. The Facebook video content strategy is going to be tricky, but we have plans that involve going around the island (Puerto Rico) that will cover that and will be very cool. We are going to have better, shareable content so you and your friends can have more to enjoy from.

Writing Content:

#FoodieSpace will start to write a lot of content from now on. All of it will be posted either here on Medium and/or Facebook (which now has some great great writing tools for advanced writers and beginners). The written content was something missing on the #FoodieSpace platform, but know it will be an integral part of #FoodieSpace from now on. All the content will be both local (Puerto Rico) and international things that are related to the #FoodieSpace feeling (much like our first blog post here on Medium)

In a Nutshell:

We want #FoodieSpace to become a collaborative way of sharing foodie related content to all of you that are following us. We want you to be the main focus (and of course the food). We will be adding more video and reading content for all of you. We love feedback and can’t wait for what happens in the next 2 years and we hope to see you soon.


If you liked this, then you are going to love our Instagram page! You can enter through here, here, and here.

If you want to talk about collaborating, follow us on Twitter and send us your email.


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