Eating Pho For The First Time

Pho, watermak, beef, flank, noodles

So, I am here in Washington for a type of vacation (more on that later) and we went to the zoo! It was pretty cool to go with my cousins and family. I really liked the sharks and the rest of the animals, but the sharks were pretty cool. No wonder Joe Rogan is always talkingΒ about predatory animals and how freaking awesome they are.


Anyway, my uncle has been talking about a certain dish since I got here. It is pho, but first, lets actually find out what “pho” is and how to actually say the word.According to an article on the HuffPost,Β Pho is pronounced β€œfuh”. It is actually the national dish of Vietnam!

Pho, watermak, beef, flank, noodles

It has noodles, onions, mixed herbs, bean sprouts, and more along with choices of beef, flank, chicken, and others.Β It is actually a pretty good food choice. It has a lot of protein, fiber, but it does have a lot of sodium so maybe keep the salt down whenever you know you are going to eat it.

The other day was the first time I tried it and let me tell ya something. It was really good! For my first time, I order a flank and beef mix in my pho along a passion fruit bubble juice with mixed jellies.

Bubble juice WM FoodieSpace .png

Have you tried pho before? Well, whether you have or haven’t tried it, share this with your friends, get together, and plan a night out to have some of the delicious pho 🍲


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