Mobile Photography Essentials For Foodies

Remeber the last time you went out to eat? You ordered that delicious slice of pepperoni pizza from that food truck you have been “dying” to go to. Yeah, now you remember and most likely you took some great pics and posted some Snaps so your friends can get some fomo. Well, what if I told you that your ‘grams could look way better by adding these essentials to your phone? Because not everyone likes to lug around with a big camera anywhere they go.


I usually take pictures with the built-in camera app on my iPhone, but I also use the VSCO camera app. It has a lot of editing features along with a bunch of free and paid features. You can also just use Instagram’s built-in camera feature, which is also really good. The editing on the Instagram platform, along with all the cool filters really make it a great software, not just to share, but also create great images.


Hardware is pretty important when taking some great food pics. You want the right lighting, stabilization, and composition in order to get the perfect shot 🤳

  1. Ring Light

    Though most phones have great lights like the iPhone, sometimes you need something a little extra 🔆  This is where something like this ring light can help! It is a cheap and portable way of carrying some extra light for taking food pics in low-lit areas or during night outs. It is actually a best seller on Amazon!

  2.           Lenses (Olloclip)


Yes, you can have lenses for smartphones! Modern phones have some of the best cameras, but you can take it a step further by getting yourself a detachable lens for your phone. One of the best smartphone lenses you can but is from Olloclip. This particular one gives you the opportunity to take “Fisheye” photos (like those old rap videos), a 120-degree view that is great for panoramas, and one of my favorite features is the macro lens it brings to zoom in 15x more for super cool close-ups.


3.     Stabilization


There are many expensive stabilizers in the market (like this one from DJI), but I have used this one for the past couple of months and it may not have the same benefits as a ~$300.00 gimbal stabilizer, but it does what is needed. It is a “Smartphone Rig Stand” from FOTOWELT. What I really like about it is that it has a level on it to make sure your shot is perfectly made, and it has a hot shoe so if you want to mount any other accessories like a microphone or another light, it can easily be done. It also has two 1/4-20 thread screw so you can add it to virtually any tripod that uses this screw. I’ve used it on various tripods and it is sturdy. 

giphy2That’s it for now. We showed you some cool apps along with hardware to get you mobile photography game from 0 to 💯. With these simple things, your Instagram post of ramen and daily coffee may get some more love. They can get even more if you tag @FoodieSpace and use #FoodieSpace. Now go out there and take some great pics! We can’t wait to see what you share.


We wanna be honest with YOU!

This is to advise YOU, that sometimes in a product review or mention, there will be a link that will take you to that product if you click on it. Sometimes, these links are “affiliate links” and if you make a purchase right after you click on it, we (FoodieSpace) get a commission. We promise to let you know at the bottom of each post if it contains any type of affiliate links.

This post does contain affiliate links.


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