Three Kings Day is Just Christmas Part 2

If you didn’t know, today is “Three Kings Day.” What is this holiday you may or may not have heard of before? Well, it is basically “Christmas Part 2” in Spain and Latin America. If any of you know the story of Christmas that we have countlessly heard and maybe even participated in a play about it before (I usually was a shepard), then you know that the wisemen (for some reason they call them kings or “reyes magos”) went to where baby Jesus was born and gave him gold,Β frankincense, andΒ Myrrh.Β 

At least here in Puerto Rico, we celebrate “Three Kings Day” by doing the same thing at Christmas. Eat, talk, and share with friends, family, and strangers. You also get gifts, but usually (at least form what my parents have told me) they are either smaller gifts (because we Puerto Ricans are cheap), but it is actually a great time to gift a bicycle to kids. Stores are usually filled with bikes even now where gifting tech like phones and tablets are the norm.

That is basically it. It is just another happy day to celebrate, eat, and share. You can see more about it from different points of view on Twitter below.

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