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As most of the world already does, watching all the available content on streaming platforms is what we do best (other than eat). In this first installment of “What We Watching?” we are going to be talking about a new series from Freeform, a new season of our fav (yet sometimes cringey) reality show, and a mockumentary series on Netflix.

First, lets talk about that new Freeform series:

“Alone Together”


Starring Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo as the main protagonist, “Alone Together” is a show made for this generation that we find ourselves in. I identify with the characters a lot. Broke, sarcastic, and trying to live the best life with what is available. It is not relatable in a “lets get millennials to watch our show.” It is done in a real way (yet with a bit of hyperbole, because its a tv show, duh). From just watching the pilot (which is out on Freeform and Hulu right now) it seems like a great show that should survive pilot season and continue for a while. It is really funny, relatable, and Chris D’elia guest stars in it.

Now let’s move onto our favorite yet sometimes cringe-worthy reality show:

“The Bachelor”


Now in its 22nd season, the popular reality show “The Bachelor” is back. At first, we started watching “The Bachelor” series ironically. Problem? We got hooked. So far, I think I have seen the past couple of seasons since “Bachelor in Paradise” season 3. This season started off pretty good with current bachelor, Arie. He had participated in “The Bachelorette” a couple of years ago, but was eliminated (even though he was that season’s frontrunner). Now he is back and ready to “find love.” Lots of interesting participants this year with a lot teased for the season.

Last, but not least, one of the best mockumentaries made:

“American Vandal”


Note: I have not finished it yet. I am almost done with it.

A Funny or Die and Netflix original that when originally teased, I actually thought it was real (turned out to not be). It is an outrageously funny, yet a piece of art when it comes to film making and the documentary format of delivering a story. A quick summary without giving away the whole plot. It is about a teenager that has been “allegedly” framed for spray painting penises on his school faculty’s cars. But one student wants to find out the truth and find out if the teen, Dylan, actually did pull this off or is this all a bigger conspiracy? Don’t worry if you finish this series quickly, Netflix already confirmed a second season with a whole new story.

What are you watching? Share with us on Twitter and tell us which shows we are missing out on!

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