6 Things Only Bread Lovers Would Want To Buy

oprah, bread, snapshot filter

Move along keto diet followers. We are talking stickily about carbs here (unless you are willing to come back to the “carb side”?). Bread, something we all have eaten at least once in our lives, but there are people out there that just love bread.

So here is a list of things that only bread lovers would like.

1. Β Bread Style SlippersΒ 

On a cold day, these slippers should keep you, wait for it… toasty *ba dum tss*

2. Bread Wrist RestKeep your wrists relaxed while you argue about the fact that flamin’ hot Cheetos are the best spicy snack ever.

3. Comfy Bread PlushΒ 

A friend to keep you company while you watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

4. Music From The Band “Bread”

According to the band’s Wikipedia page, they “placed 13 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart between 1970 and 1977.” You can read more about them here or stream the anthology here.

5.Β Baking Bread Soy Candle

Yes, you don’t have to bake bread to make your house smell like carbohydrates. You just gotta turn on this candle.

6. A Toast Bag

Its like a tote bag, but with toast.

Well, thats all we have for now. I’m off to make some toast now. In the meanwhile, check out this old video I made while I was bored a long time ago.

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