What You Should Be Eating Instead of Tide Pods

Eleven, tide pods, stranger things

If you haven’t been in a coma for the last couple of weeks, then you know of what people are doing with Tide Pods. Yes, they are eating it. It first started as a meme, but has not gotten out of control with people actually eating the damn detergent pods and now P&G is on the offensive.

Now, if you are tempted for any reason to try a Tide Pod, think about it more than once. This is what happens when you try to consume one. Thankfully, FoodieSpace is here to give you an alternative (sorta).

While going along Amazon, I found out about Vade Nutrition. A family owned, supplement business. They have created these “Dissolvable Protein Scoops” pictured below. protein, scoops, packagingActually, in the “About Us” page, Vader Nutrition actually mentions “‘Tide Pods’ for protein powder.”  Now, you don’t eat them (I don’t know if you can/should), but you can follow the instructions they provide.

instructions, protein

You can purchase them on Amazon right here. You can also check out Vade Nutrition’s website.

So don’t eat Tide Pods, do workout, do take some protein, and start living your best life.

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