The Other Musk Who Isn’t Launching Rockets, But Has Very Big Plans For Food

We have all heard of Elon Musk at least at some point and even more recently since he successfully launched a giant rocket to space and along with it, one of his really cool electrical cars.

If you didn’t know, he has a brother that is also into entrepreneurship and is pretty successful at it. His name is Kimbal Musk and though he isn’t launching rocket ships, selling flame throwers, or creating electrical cars, he is trying to make food and how we consume it better. He calls is “real food.” To which he describes as:

“#RealFood is food we TRUST to nourish our bodies, our farmers, and our planet”

If you watched the video above, he mentions, around the 5:43 min mark, that he has a vision of bringing the concept of “real food” to “5 million” people around the United States. He knows this is ambitious because right after he mentions this very big goal, he says that he can’t do it alone. He needs more farmers. Now, how does he do it? How can he get all these farmers? The answer? The cities.

Kimbal now has gone into the cities and he is betting big on them to become an integral part of the agriculture business and how we consume food. That is where Square Roots comes in. Square Roots, according to the website, allows “farmers grow GMO-free, spray-free, leafy greens in indoor farms, right in the heart of Brooklyn.” This allows people that would most likely not even be remotely close to farming, be able to grow healthy veggies and actually be a strong pillar of a community.

Musk believes that young millennials will most likely stop working in office jobs and become part of this urban farmer movement. While talking with Business Insider, he mentions:Β “I see millennials leaving their office jobs to be in the urban farming community, because they get a connection back to their community.”Β If this were or is happening, this could be the start of a new agricultural revolution.

Not only is Musk trying to build (unite I think is a better word) a community, he has found a way to start making it normal and a habit. Musk, along with is nonprofit “Big Green,” is bringing in gardens into schools so children can start learning from a young age the importance and the fun that farming brings to one’s lives. It is a way to create importance and also give back to the community with the power of agriculture. His goal for Big Green? Get Big Green into 100,000 schools.

Kimbal has a lot on his hands right now, but I for one am looking forward to where these ventures go towards and I really am a supporter of these things. I do believe these types of foods should be more accessible, especially monetarily speaking. Usually organic and healthy foods are way more expensive and for low income families, it gets even harder. Lets just hope more entrepreneurs like Kimbal appear and are successful.

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